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RACe toward a schISM

The country is divided. The world is divided. It always comes down to a tribalistic feud that starts at the color of your skin and devolve from there. And America is no exception.

In America, the white folk have been told for decades that they’re inherently racist. Racism = evil, so that makes white man evil. Obama’s favorite pastor said, after all, “The White man’s need fills the world’s greed,” and that’s because only white people are greedy. These are the things we’re told. I’ll start by telling you my experience.

I’m white. I’m bald. That’s that. You can’t change the color of your skin unless you’re Michael Jackson (but then you’re dead anyway). I am not poor, I am educated, and I’m Republican. I have no excuse that pulls me out of the “We all assume you’re a racist,” category.

First of all, I have experienced racism. I lived in Hawaii (on Oahu where most of the people live) for four years. Racism there is really bad against white people because they believe we stole their nation. I’ll get back to that point in a second. While I was there, I learned to stay out of the locals’ way. They are not happy to have us there. At school, the administrators are locals, and they would give me the wrong office to go to when I needed something, over and over again. I was married to a Polynesian, so when I dragged her with me into that office, they magically came up with the right office to go to and stopped speaking to me rudely. While I was in Hawaii, people got shot for being white – literally, a guy went into his driveway to do his part to encourage and continue racism (which in this case meant bending down to pick up his newspaper) and a local-neighbor killed him him. The local admitted when he was arrested that he shot the poor guy for being white – it was in the paper.

Now, for my beef against the locals. They try to claim island heritage but the islanders are dead! There might be 10,000 pure Hawaiians left, and they’re all old. Their children all married Asians or white people. And yet locals expect a free private school education and free land if 1/32 of their blood is Hawaiian? So out of their 32 ancestors, 31 are something else, but because one great-grandparent got knocked up, or knocked someone up, they’re entitled to special benefits? It’s quite un-American. What they really are, is an entire State that doesn’t really like capitalism, and thinks it’s perfectly fine for everyone to rely on the government for jobs. Everyone I knew spent their youth trying to get a job with a government agency or a school, so they’d never have to work hard or find a job again. Never mind that before we “stole” their land, anyone who wasn’t royalty was the personal property of those who were. That’s right, they were enslaved to their kings.

And here’s the Hawaiians’ dirty little secret: the real Hawaiians were long since killed off; Tahitians came in and took over the place generations ago. The word “menehune” was likely the word for the nasty little short Hawaiians that the Tahitians came in and killed. Pure blood indeed. And it’s good that there’s Tahitian blood there, since the French came into Tahiti and almost bred the Tahitians out of existence.

So yes, I lived in a land where I was a minority, and I was discriminated against as a fundamental part of their culture. Neither I nor anyone I know has ever treated someone like that for the color of their skin. You see, I think white people are the only ones who took to heart Dr. King’s wish that people could be judged by the content of their character.

Second, non-whites seem to feel perfectly comfortable being openly racist. Here’s one example: I’m bald, as I mentioned. One day I was engaging in the horribly racist activity of walking into the grocery store. I had my headphones on, so I was in a little bubble rocking out in my own mind. When I was about 30 feet away from the entrance to the grocery store, a black couple walked out. They stared me down with that recognizable chip on their shoulders, hate spewing from their eyeballs. What had I ever done to oppress them? They obviously feel more than comfortable hating, as comfortable as breathing.

Inter-racial hatred is out there. You saw it with the blacks rioting for Rodney King – targeting Korean shop owners. My parents thought it was because the Koreans work hard, but the fact is Koreans hate black people too, so I’m sure it was physical payback for years of stink-eye and second-hand treatment. Polynesians are horribly racist against Asians, unless they’re part Asian of course (and then they tend to lean toward Asian supremacy). You can go on and on through subsegments of humanity, and you find that every group has a collective antipathy toward one or more other groups. It’s simply how we’re built as people, and for white folk to claim they’re not racist is naive or worse.

Over and over again you see stories in the news about racist students trying to start white clubs on campus, and the school (Rightfully) shooting them down. What happens when college students in Michigan want all-black dorms? Why can Latinos form clubs of La Raza (that’s THE RACE)? I was personally appalled at that one, as my law school had it and I thought law students should have matured to the point that they wouldn’t have a racist name to their club. Yes, they didn’t have club meetings talking about hating other races, but it’s part of the overall La Raza umbrella which is quite racist. You have African-American clubs. You have Asian clubs. And on and on.

If you get too many of one particular race together, they start devolving into smaller segments. Asians in particular will start segregating by nation of origin, and sometimes even regions within nations. Latinos will as well, since they can come from anywhere between Tijuana and Santiago.

But no one bats an eye about any of this. One way to look at it is that it’s quite condescending. “We the white people have evolved to the point where we don’t need to band together any more, but we will let the little backwards native types form their little tribes.” If we are going to have a standard, we should hold it for all – the rule of law applied commonly regardless of race or creed. We are equal or we are not. We aren’t helping other races if we let them retreat to their little subsets of humanity.

And here is where we have a solution: We have to first admit who we naturally have problems with. The advocacy groups for various races don’t help. If I don’t like illegal immigrants, the Latino advocacy groups say I hate all Latinos. That’s not true; I personally think the Latino population of America is going to save us from ourselves. If I don’t like thugs in Baltimore who are destroying their city (and being empowered by the city leadership to do so, plus years of government coddling), black advocacy groups would say I hate all blacks (even though my very best friend is black). When I spoke out on Facebook about the hateful jihadi types, I was informed that I hated all Muslims (when I lived with a Muslim family for years). You see, facts don’t matter when you have a vested interest in continuing the hate.

What white people have done well is make the haters a scourge. The actual people who hate other people and are willing to stand for it – the KKK types, the skinheads, etc., are branded as unwashed, unwanted slime and kept out of society. And none of us stand up for them. Unfortunately no other race has collectively caught up. Their first instinct is to circle the wagons around their entire group. I don’t know what the motivation is because I don’t understand the tribal mentality, but I suspect it has to do with fear that their group could get harmed by losing a subsegment of that group. Illegals are a subsegment of Latinos. Thugs are a subsegment of blacks. Jihadis are a subsegment of Muslims. Are they willing to rid themselves of their cancerous subsegments? Not until they do will equality reign.


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